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Your Top Financial Advisors

Bradenton & Bonita Springs, Florida 

Over 29 Years of Experience


Integra Capital Advisors has served the Florida areas of Bradenton/Sarasota and Naples/Bonita Springs—as well as the surrounding regions—for the past 29 years. As wealth advisors and financial planners, we’ve gone national, lending our expert advice to our valued clients all over the country.

Our team of financial advisors, planners, and advisors focuses on helping business owners, professionals, and families with their financial planning. As such, our success is deeply rooted in strategic wealth management services tailored to you and your family. 

For us at Integra Capital Advisors, the experience is a relationship, not a transaction. We’re here to help you feel confident and reassured in the financial and investment plans that our team of professionals has created for you. We look forward to helping you create a healthier and better future, not just for you but for your family!

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Our Services 

As financial advisors, we focus on helping our clients plan and invest in their future.
Our strategies have helped push our clients in new directions they never thought possible.
Discover how we have helped our clients be successful in planning and have the freedom to
pursue what they value most in retirement. 

Financial Planning

It’s never too early to begin putting together a financial plan for your future. Our financial advisors tailor a plan for you and your family before and after retirement for your goals and anticipated lifestyle.

Retirement Income Planning

Our retirement income planning services help you transition from making money while working to having your money work to provide income for you in retirement. The average retirement lasts for about 18 years, but many last 30 years or more. That’s two to three decades of needed income! Learn more about our retirement income planning services here. 

Who We Help

At Integra Capital Advisors, we’re proud to specialize in serving specific groups of clientele,
including professionals such as business owners, professionals, and successful families.
Our financial advisors also focus on the unique financial planning needs of women. 

Business Owners & Professionals

Running a business as an owner or working as an executive at the top of your profession likely takes all your attention to maximize your income.  Our financial advisors  help you protect your family and business by building a financial plan that considers your full financial picture, including the value of your business that works as an integral part of achieving your financial goals.


We help you prepare for life's critical financial events, both planned and unplanned. A strong financial plan makes dealing with the unexpected easier and improves the outcome for the events we expect to happen. An experienced financial advisor is invaluable in preparing for and dealing with what life brings you. 


We’ve come to know and understand how women have the most unique financial planning and wealth management needs. As women have a longer life expectancy, they often face unpredictable life events. These events can quickly place stress on finances and retirement plans. Our financial advisors can help you properly plan for your future and help provide the confidence you need for retirement. You can visit the site we sponsor dedicated to financial education for women, Wealth Her Way, to learn more.

What Makes Us Different

Our team of wealth advisors and financial planners can attribute the key to our success in our values. With a focus on honesty and trust, we build your future with you. We hold nothing back regarding your financial situation and options. Our financial advisors know and understand that the only way for things to work as they should is by telling our clients what they need to know.  

Life isn’t a straight line, and we know events such as retirement, death, divorce, and so on can come unexpectedly. That’s why we developed the Waypoint FORMula to help you prepare for whatever may come next. It’s also one of the many reasons we’ve focused on helping women in the event of losing their spouses or significant other to divorce, death, or incapacity. We’re here to help, and we want you to worry less about your financial future and enjoy the best moments of your life now and in retirement. 

Our Process

Financial Advisors working on client's retirement plan

Who We Are

Integra Capital Advisors is made up of highly experienced and qualified wealth advisors and financial planners. Our founder, Thomas Breiter began his financial industry journey after his time in the U.S. Navy ended in 1987. By 1992, Tom started Breiter Capital Management—now known as Integra Capital Advisors—in Orlando, Florida. In 1994, Tom and his wife moved to the Bradenton area where they reside today. From our inception, Integra Capital Advisors has focused on helping individual investors plan and achieve their life and retirement goals. 

Over the years, the firm has grown our team of financial advisors, each with a specific emphasis on the clients we serve. This includes the addition of a second location in the Naples/Bonita Springs area of Florida. As you would imagine, most of our clients reside in Southwest Florida, but our growing client base includes families and women across the nation. 

Meet Our Team

With Offices in Bradenton and Bonita Springs,
We Can Easily Serve the Sarasota and Naples Areas

Integra Capital Advisors is well known throughout the Southwestern Florida region. Due to the strategic location
of our two offices, our robust team of advisors can easily provide wealth management services to clients from
the entire region. Learn more about our Bradenton and Bonita Springs offices and schedule a consultation
at your nearest location, today!

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We look forward to hearing from you and helping you set out on your financial and retirement income planning journey.
Our financial advisors currently have phone and video conference meetings that you can schedule here.

To meet in person, contact us to arrange an appointment as we follow proper COVID precautions for in-person meetings.
You can see how we work on the Our Processes page. Let’s make a better future, today!