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Investing & Planning

Investing and Planning Articles

Do I Need Life Insurance? Thumbnail

Do I Need Life Insurance?

There are dozens of variables that may factor into your need for life insurance coverage. The details of your personal situation are different than just about everyone else who is asking the same question. Let's introduce the basic framework for reviewing your family finances to help decide if you need life insurance and how much may be necessary.

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Should the President’s Party Affiliation Matter to Investors? Thumbnail

Should the President’s Party Affiliation Matter to Investors?

We understand that in today’s media frenzied and social media driven news cycle someone constantly wants to stoke our emotions of fear about what might happen. It’s easy under these circumstances to subscribe to a theory of doom. We prefer a fact-based approach to investing and financial planning. The facts are clear that investor fears of a President of a political persuasion other than their own are, quite simply, unfounded.

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