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Our Favorite Things To Do In Bonita Springs Thumbnail

Our Favorite Things To Do In Bonita Springs

Here at Integra Capital Advisors, we are more of a family, and one of the places our ICA family calls home is lovely Bonita Springs, FL. We know the importance of working hard and investing wisely. We also truly value health and well-being in all areas of life, not just finances. And we believe that an integral part of living a healthy lifestyle is investing some time in doing the things that bring you joy and fulfillment. So, we would each like to share with you our favorite things to do here in Bonita Springs.

Brad Campbell: Executive Vice President and Chief Investment Officer

Brad is the loving father of 3 amazing children. As the proud father of not one but two high school football players, he enjoys going to those Friday night games and rooting for his boys. There is nothing quite like the pride and joy of being surrounded by other parents and students and watching your team bring home a victory! When he can find the time to sneak away and get out on his own Brad enjoys getting some fun and effective exercise by riding his road bike.

John Michael Hinkson: Financial Advisor

John Michael is an avid golfer and often enjoys participating in amateur tournaments. But his interest in sports does not stop there! He also enjoys playing tennis and basketball with his 2 sons. John Michael and his boys enjoy quality time outdoors together and when the season is right they love to get out in nature and go hunting and fishing.

Robert Frailey: Investment Advisor Representative

Robert Frailey is a family man at heart. What he enjoys most is spending quality time with his family at all of Bonita Springs area Gulf Coast beaches. Nothing like some sand between your toes and the waves crashing in the background to make you feel like you are on a permanent vacation, made even better by the company of the ones you love. Robert also likes to ride his road bike for exercise all year-round. Bonita Springs’ temperate climate is perfect for year-round outdoor exercise, and Robert loves to take advantage of that.

How About You?

Whether it’s soaking up some sun on the beach or enjoying the thrill of competitive sports, with family and friends or enjoying some time alone, taking time to do the things that fill your cup is a vital part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Your finances should not be a source of stress that limits or even prevents you from doing the things you love. Rather, your finances should give you the peace of mind to know that you can live the lifestyle you enjoy most, full of the important things in life. Here at Integra Capital Advisors, we understand that, and we truly want that for you. Call us today at 941-778-1900 or email info@integracapitaladvisors.com and let us help you live your best life!

About Integra Capital Advisors

For over 26 years, Integra Capital Advisors has helped active, professional women and their spouses plan their finances to live the lifestyle they desire. Having a sound wealth accumulation and retirement income plan gives you the best chance of taking that dream vacation, supporting your favorite cause, enjoying your vacation home, or sending the grand-kids to college. Having financial resources gives you flexibility and choices. Confidence your advisor is placing your interests first is a big deal, that’s why Integra Capital Advisors focuses intently on your goals in our role as fee-based advisors.  

We invite you to call us today to learn more about how we can help you!