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Tips for a Successful Wealth Management Portfolio for Women Thumbnail

Tips for a Successful Wealth Management Portfolio for Women

Many women don't feel they will have enough money when it comes to retirement. Knowing how to put together the right investment portfolio and financial plan is key to ensuring your finances are secure when it comes to wealth management and retirement.

What is wealth management? Private wealth management can grow your money over time and guide you through the inevitable market ups and downs.

Here are some tips for a successful wealth management portfolio.

Hiring the Right Wealth Management Team

Hiring the right wealth management advisor is a key step to your financial success. You want someone who you trust and with whom you have a good relationship. As a high net-worth individual, you want to make sound financial choices.  

Look for a team with credentials and expertise in financial planning. Ask about certifications and associations with professional organizations. If investing a lot of money, it's not uncommon to do a background check of a wealth management advisor.  Resources to check out you advisors can be found at https://brokercheck.finra.org/. 

Talk with friends and acquaintances about choosing the right private wealth management team. They can help in crossing off certain people on your list or adding others that may be beneficial. Starting a new relationship can be hard, but having a trusted referral or recommendation goes a long way.  

If you search online for “wealth management near me”, you might find some names you know and maybe even trust. You also may find a list of people or firms that exist in your area that are closer than you think.  

Figure Out Your Financial Goals

When you hire a wealth management advisor, one of the first questions they’ll ask is, “What are your financial goals?” You will have to think about how you want to plan your future. 


You might seek advice for wealth management to examine your retirement options. You want to make sure that you have enough money to last well into your golden years when it's time to retire. You want to make smart investment decisions so you can live comfortably.

Estate Planning 

Do you want to leave a substantial amount of money to your children in a trust? Or perhaps other relatives? Knowing how much to invest and where can help you through these decisions. 

A wealth management advisor can guide you in how to work with an attorney to get your estate plan in order.  This includes setting up a will, a trust and all of the other legal documents to be prepared if something should happen. You want to make sure the loved ones you choose get the assets you wish for them to have when you’re gone. 

Education Planning

College decisions might also be the reason for hiring a wealth management advisor. You want to make sure that there is enough money to get a degree regardless of the school your child chooses. With the rising cost of college tuition, you want to make sure you save enough for future education.  

Business Valuation 

If you are a small business owner, you may need help figuring out how much your business is worth. Should you choose to sell, you'll want a fair price.

A wealth management advisor will help with how much the business is worth and advise you on how to bring business partners into the fold. This is where a wealth management expert can guide you.

Philanthropy and Your Legacy

You may want to make current contributions or leave assets upon your death to organizations that support causes you believe in. How much is appropriate? What's the best way to leave those types of funds?

Philanthropy may also include your family's legacy. Perhaps your family's name on a building or a trust fund at a local school. You'll want to make sure there's enough money for generations to profit from the initial investment.  

You may ask yourself, “What is wealth management?” It's all about planning. Whether it's 5 years or 20 years, a wealth management advisor can help you achieve those goals. 

Consider Your Investments

A wealth management advisor will work with you to build a portfolio of investments to help you reach your goals. Many people want long-term market growth until they eventually retire. You have many options to consider.  


Many young professionals dismiss a 401k when starting their careers. With bills to pay and money to burn, you might not think it's important to create a 401k at a young age.  

Employer-based 401k plans are a great way to begin investing at a young age. Most employers will match the amount you invest. Private wealth management can help you grow that money over time to develop a nice retirement nest egg.

Self-employed business owners can open their own retirement plan, which allows you to invest more than a traditional plan. A wealth management advisor can guide you through the process.

Roth IRA 

A Roth IRA forces you to pay taxes when you invest, but you can withdraw tax-free. You can invest up to a certain amount every year. 

There are many benefits, including enjoying a tax-free retirement and not having as many rules as to when to withdraw your money.

Stocks, Bonds, and Other Investment Options 

Once you have money inside your 401k or other retirement accounts, a wealth management advisor can help you choose stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and other investment options to grow your assets over time to reach your objectives.

Knowing the rules and regulations can help you make the right decision as you embark on your retirement journey. Making sound investments and choices early on means a better financial future.   

Diversifying Your Portfolio 

Private wealth management can help you diversify your portfolio. You don't want all of your investments in one place. You want your money in areas where if one part of your portfolio isn't doing well, the other part is just the opposite. 

This reduces your overall risk. A wealth management advisor can walk you through the process of a higher return with a more diverse portfolio.   

Find Success with Integra Capital Advisors!

Successful wealth management tips include hiring the right team, figuring out your financial goals, and diversifying your portfolio. Making the right choices early on as a young professional with a wealth management advisor is a great move.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you manage your money!