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Integra Capital Advisors — Bonita Springs Wealth Management Firm

When it comes to finding the right wealth management and financial planning services in Bonita Springs, there is no better choice than Integra Capital Advisors! We're proud to have a location in the beautiful city of Bonita Springs, Florida. Our team goes above and beyond in order to provide our friends and neighbors with the wealth and financial planning services they deserve. From investment advising to retirement and social security planning, we do it all. Give us a call to set up your consultation. We can't wait to meet with you!

About the City of Bonita Springs, Florida 

Located just north of the city of Naples, Bonita Springs, Florida dates back to around 1870 when government surveyors pitched a camp near a local Native American healing spring. After the team departed, the site and the adjacent healing spring became known as Surveyor’s Creek. 

Over time, the location grew, mostly due in part to the establishment of a plantation where pineapples, bananas, and coconuts were grown and harvested. Around 1915, the town was renamed to the more appealing Bonita Springs, and Surveyor’s Creek was renamed Imperial River. 

As time went on, establishments slowly made their way to Bonita Springs, and it’s now the home of beachfront state parks, shopping malls, and fine restaurants. Astonishingly, this community evolved from hand-made shacks to the city we all know and love today over only three generations. 

With a second office location in Bonita Springs, the Integra Capital Advisors team is ready to provide you with the high-quality wealth management services residents of Southwest Florida can use to achieve their financial goals! 

Our Clientele 

We work with a select group of clients that we have met with to determine we have a good fit for a long-term relationship. They recognize the value of on-going advice that partnering with us provides. Our personal, yet structured process frees them of the day-to-day worry of the financial markets and allows them to concentrate on what they value the most while feeling confident and reassured. 

Why You Should Work with Integra Capital Advisors

You can call or visit our website to schedule an appointment with us to begin your new financial planning journey. We aim to provide you with financial freedom, especially in your retirement years, and to set your goals while preparing for your legacy, contact us today