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Longevity Resources 

Q: What is longevity?

A: A long life.

Q: What should it be like?

A: Healthy & Happy

When developing a financial and retirement income plan it is easy to focus on the numbers.  But, are the numbers the most important thing? Integra Capital Advisors believes that living a fulfilling and healthy life is as important, and perhaps more, than a level particular of assets or annual income.

People are living longer.  While many of our clients don’t expect to live long lives, the facts tell a different story.  For individuals that reach age 65, the life expectancy is 85.  For couples that reach age 65, more than 50 percent will have one of the spouses live to age 90.  Obviously, we are all different and we don’t know how long we will live, but doesn’t it make sense to be healthy, happy and have a purpose for living as we grow older?  We think it does.

Integra conducts Longevity Workshops that leverage information made available on the www.bluezones.com website.  Dan Buettner, the founder of the Blue Zones project, conducted research on the places of the earth where people live the longest and healthiest lives to learn what characteristics they had in common.  These areas aren’t all in one corner of the world, but rather are spread out across the globe.  You can get an introduction to the Blue Zones by clicking here to watch a 20-minute TED Talk hosted by Mr. Buettner.  

We use this video and a 10-question survey to be taken after the video to prompt the discussion during our workshops.  Feedback from participants has described the events as fun and thought provoking.   You can sign up below to be notified when our next Longevity Workshop will be held.  We have been using the Zoom platform to hold these events as it makes it easy for attendees to participate without a lot of travel time. We may hold in-person events in the future as well.

Want to attend our next Longevity Workshop?  

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