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Exchange Traded Funds for Beginners

Exchange Traded Funds are a popular twist on an old theme that has become very popular over the last decade or so.  Let’s explore this type of investment.

IRA Contributions for 2020

IRAs are a valuable long-term planning tool as you plan for your income in retirement. How much and how can you contribute?

Do I Need Life Insurance?

Let's introduce the basic framework for reviewing your family finances to help decide if you need life insurance and how much may be necessary.

What the SECURE Act Means for You

Learn how the SECURE Act will influence your retirement and estate planning goals. 

The COVID-19 Outbreak and Your Retirement Income Plan

Learn how the COVID-19 virus will impact your financial future.

Watch Out for Social Security Scams

Scams involving your Social Security Number are on the rise.

Planning for Your Legacy

Tips to help you plan for your estate and legacy to your family.

Make a Smart Social Security Filing Decision

Using the best Social Security filing method can mean a lot more in lifetime benefits.

Meet Integra Capital Advisors

Social Security and the Passing of a Spouse

Learn how Social Security works when a spouse dies.

Spousal Social Security Benefits When you Are Divorced

Learn about your rights to claim on your ex-spouses benefits record.

Alternative Investments – Introduction

Alternative investments may reduce risk and enhance return in a diversified portfolio. Learn more by watching this video.

The Importance of a Wealth Plan

Planning for your financial future can be fun and rewarding. Learn more in this video.

Passing of a Spouse

Planning ahead for the unfortunate reality that we will one day be alone can reduce the stress of a loss of our spouse.


Divorce is an unfortunate but common event. Planning for your new financial future is an important step in moving on.

Intergenerational Planning

Planning for how and to whom to leave your assets is an important part of your legacy. Watch this video to start the process.

Fact-Based Investing

Consistent, accurate predictions of the future are impossible, and not necessary for a successful investment plan.

Values of Independent Advisors  

How Integra Capital lives by our values to serve you.