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Commission-Free Insurance

Commission-Free Insurance from Financial Advisors in Bradenton and Bonita Springs, Florida

Controlling the risks of a large financial loss due to death, injury or liability helps prevent an uncertain, unpredictable event from devastating the lives of our families. At Integra Capital Advisors, we can help provide peace-of-mind against those unforeseen events. Through our relationship with providers of commission-free (“No-Load”) insurance, we can strategically position various insurance products as part of your financial and investment plan. 

Independent Advisors with Your Best Interest in Mind

As members of the DPL Financial Partners advisor network, we have access to no-load (no commission) insurance products in the categories of life, variable annuity, fixed index annuity, and long-term care. As independent advisors, we are not tied to any family of funds or products. We’re here to uphold the fiduciary standard and act in our client’s best interests, including some of their insurance needs.  

The Importance of Insurance

At its core, the purpose of insurance is to guard against financial loss and to replace lost income. In addition to insuring against death, disability, or long-term care needs, insurance can also be used to provide guaranteed income or protection against stock market declines for risk-averse investors. 

Why You Should Choose Us for Your Life Insurance and Annuity Needs

If you’re looking for an advisory firm that has integrity as a core value, then Integra Capital Advisors is here for you. As a fiduciary, we always put our clients first, whether they’re business owners, professionals, or families. We’ll work with you to create a plan that meets your financial planning needs, not ours. This includes getting you the best insurance products at the lowest cost.

Since no-load insurance doesn’t pay a commission to a salesperson, the cost of the insurance can be lower, or the yields within the policy higher.  This works in your favor as the purchaser of the insurance policy. 

Contact Us Today for More Information

The Integra team is happy to discuss your insurance needs as part of our Waypoint FORMula financial planning process. You can schedule an appointment here to start learning more about our insurance options. We’re here to help build your financial plan and set you up with a brighter future. 

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