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Financial Planning

Our personal, yet structured process for planning and investing relieves you of the day-to-day worry of the financial markets with freedom to pursue what you value most and allows you to feel confident and reassured.

We call this process the .

The Waypoint Formula process uses our experience and state-of-the-art systems to make sure you have the 7 important pillars that every sound financial plan is based on in place, depending on your personal and family situation. We’ve found that our clients may receive up to 85 different individual services or areas of advice, contained in these 7 distinct pillars, all resulting in one complete process to get you to your financial goals.

By having a plan as a guide you will be prepared to deal with life’s Critical Financial Events.  Some of these events are planned while others are unpredictable and random, Common Critical Financial Events include:

Sales of AssetsEducational ExpensesTravel & FunRetirementNew Baby / Grandchild
Family SecurityLoss of SpouseIllnessInheritanceDisability
Vacation HomeDream HomeSale of Business Leaving a Legacy Divorce

Call us today to schedule a FIT conversation or meeting to learn more about how we build successful, long-lasting client relationships and enable your path to financial freedom.