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Financial Planning

Financial Planning

Our personal, yet structured process for planning and investing relieves you of the day-to-day worry of the financial markets with freedom to pursue what you value most and allows you to feel confident and reassured.

We call this process the Waypoint Formula

We use the F.O.R.M approach from the start of the process to determine and prioritize your goals.

F – is for Family.

What matters to you related to your children? Grandchildren? Perhaps things like education and well-being while you are alive and the legacy (financial and otherwise) you will eventually leave them.

O – is for Occupation.

Your dedication to your business or craft goes beyond the compensation you receive. Most successful professionals find great reward in their role as leaders, and many choose to continue to work long-after the traditional retirement age.  In addition, after you retire, what will you do with your time? Perhaps lend your expertise to a non-profit organization or other cause close to you.  Occupation creates a feeling of self-worth and confidence.

R – is for Recreation.

What do you enjoy doing with your spouse, family, friends, or perhaps by yourself when you’re not working?  These activities make us happy and add to the fullness of life.

These first three – F.O.R. are the “Why” of our lives. They are why we save, why we invest, why we care. 

M– is for Money.

The Money is the “How” in your plan.  Accumulating wealth and smart planning allows us to achieve dreams and goals of our Family, Occupation, and Recreation.  In terms of direct happiness, it is the least important of the four factors, but is very important in delivering and creating the happiness factor of the others.

Our favorite thought when working with you is ”Your Life, Your Wealth”.  It helps us keep focused on the F.O.R.M. approach of putting your life’s priorities first and focusing on how your wealth can deliver on those goals.

The Waypoint Formula process uses our experience and state-of-the-art systems to make sure you have the seven important pillars that every sound financial plan is based on in place, depending on your personal and family situation. We’ve found that our clients may receive up to 85 different individual services or areas of advice, contained in these 7 distinct pillars, all resulting in one complete process to get you to your financial and life goals.

85 Things

By having a plan as a guide you will be prepared to deal with life’s Critical Financial Events.  Some of these events are planned while others are unpredictable and random. Common Critical Financial Events include:

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