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Investment Management

Investment Planning Services

Investment Management in Southwest Florida

From the very beginning, Integra Capital Advisors has crafted unique investment management services for our clients. Our financial planning services work together to provide you with the best options for your future.

Investment management goes hand in hand with financial planning, we also offer wealth management, retirement income analysis, and social security planning.  

As respected registered investment advisors in the Bradenton/Sarasota and Naples/Bonita Springs regions, we have received excellent reviews from our local and national clients. We help our clients prepare for retirement with our investment management services. If you’re looking to create a plan to prepare for your life and the events that may happen, we’re the company for you. 

Our investment advisors assist business owners, professionals, and families with their financial and investment planning. We are also attuned to the unique investment management needs of women. Our well-defined process, the Waypoint FORMula, makes sure nothing gets missed.


Investment Planning Explained

Investment planning focuses on the process of identifying and matching your financial goals and objectives and then allocating to investments, which give us the best chance of success. The investment management process is a key component of any successful financial plan.

The Benefits of Investment Management

Working with our investment advisors to create your plan has several benefits, including:

Family Security - If anything were to happen to a working family member, the other members of your family would have the best chance to stay financially secure with the investment plan in place. 

Efficiently Manage Income - We can help guide you to efficiently manage your income and expenditures, tax payments, and more with our investment and financial plans. 

Financial Understanding - This will help you understand your current financial situation and evaluate investments or retirement plans. 

Savings - We use investment vehicles with the highest liquidity for funds that can be easily taken in case of an emergency. 

Standard Of Living - When certain life events occur, we can use the income from your investments so you can maintain your standard of living.

Investment Management Strategies

The key for investors is to develop and stick with an investment plan they are comfortable with for an extended period. Our investment advisors have worked with many investment planning methods that have proven successful over time, including: 

  • Buy & Hold
  • Trend Following
  • Momentum-Based Strategies
  • Diversified Asset Allocation with Rebalancing
  • Rising Dividend Equities
  • Private Market Opportunities

How We Can Help Your Investments Succeed 

These investment strategies will all generally work over longer timeframes, but not during all shorter periods. Keeping your focus on your ultimate long-term goals and trusting the plan in place will lead to success. For example, abandoning a “buy & hold” strategy after a large market decline is a costly mistake. Diversification is a valuable tool for reducing risk and may be a better plan if you tend to get nervous when the market goes through corrections.

Private market opportunities often offer higher return potential than publicly traded stocks and bonds. Still, these higher returns come at the cost of limited liquidity (ability to access your money quickly). For many investors, having a reasonable portion of your assets in less-liquid investments is appropriate and may enhance your return potential at a given level of risk.

Understanding The Process

Our process seeks to understand your ability and willingness to take a risk. Once we understand this, we can recommend an investment plan to fit your needs and help you reach your goals. No matter what strategies are chosen, they shouldn’t be based on emotional decision-making. We use “fact-based” investing processes to guide your portfolio to lessen the chance for error and a resulting large loss. 

Learn More About Our Investment Methods

All of our services are built upon a foundation of integrity, honesty, and trust. To start your investment management process, give us a call. We want your future to be one without worry. To speak with our investment advisors, you can book an appointment here

investment Management in Bradenton and Naples

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