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Who We Serve

Integra Capital Advisors works with business owners, professionals and families who desire our personal, yet structured process for planning and investing that relieves them of the day-to-day worry of the financial markets with freedom to pursue what they value most and allows them to feel confident and reassured.

We call our process the        Waypoint Formula   

Below are some examples of specific groups who we work with.

Being financially secure is more than having an investment portfolio in place or saving for retirement. It is about planning for life’s critical events, some of which are planned and some which occur randomly.  Planning for a home and starting a family is important for those just starting out.  Once families have grown we then focus and plan for reaching goals in retirement.  Let us work with you to plan for your success and that of your loved ones.

Women have unique wealth planning needs and concerns. Longer life expectancy, potential for divorce and different priorities for legacy all lead to potential stress on a financial and retirement income plan. Let us help you by listening, and using our planning experience to give you confidence about your financial future.

Running or leading a business can be exhilarating, profitable and sometimes all-consuming. Let us help you protect your family and business by building a plan that considers your full financial picture, including the value of your business or accumulated assets when you choose to retire.

Professional athletes are unique in their career earnings pattern. After intense training and dedication to reach the pinnacle of your sport, substantial compensation becomes a reality. Sustaining this high level of income is dependent on your performance, career longevity, competition and possible injury. Click Here to learn more about how our financial professionals serve athletic professionals.

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