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Join Our Team

Integra Capital is a forward-thinking fee-only registered investment advisor.  We act as a fiduciary on behalf of our clients as we deliver financial planning, retirement income planning and investment management services.

We always seek experienced wealth advisors with a transferable book of business of $20 million AUM or more.  As fee-only fiduciary advisors, we do not allow for registration with a broker-dealer and all revenue is generated from AUM based asset management fees or flat-fee financial planning services.  Options are available to join us as an employee advisor where you will be integrated into our team structure or as an independent contractor.

Our team-based approach and support platform means you will have access to the resources listed below (Click the topic links to learn more): 

Whether you are looking to grow your client base or prepare for a retirement transition, Integra may be a great solution.  We believe that talking never hurts and suggest that you call Tom Breiter at (941) 778-1900 today to start a conversation.