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Our Process


Integra Capital Advisors works with business owners, professionals and families who desire our personal, yet structured process for planning and investing that relieves them of the day-to-day worry of the financial markets with freedom to pursue what they value most and allows them to feel confident and reassured.

We call our process the

Waypoint Formula

Upon first talking with you, we will ask a few questions to make sure scheduling a meeting is in your best interest.  If appropriate, we will send you our introductory information kit at this time and schedule a “FIT” Meeting.  The process will continue with the steps provided below.

Complimentary "FIT" Meeting

Next, we conduct the “FIT” meeting, either in-person or via a computer screen-sharing session. During this one-hour meeting, we will ask a lot of questions to learn about your personal situation and objectives.  We’ll also share information about our process for planning and investing. We use the "FIT" process to ensure we are mutually committing to a long-term relationship based on a full understanding of each other. We will not ask you to make any decisions at this time.

About two business days after the “FIT” meeting, we will contact you to determine if we have a "FIT" and then decide in what direction we want to proceed.  If you agree forming a relationship is a good idea, we will schedule the Information Gathering meeting, typically within 2 weeks.

Information Gathering Meeting

At the Information Gathering meeting, we will complete the Personal Financial Profile. This means we will be reviewing your goals and objectives, as well as conducting a thorough review of your current situation.  We will ask you to bring account statements and information on household cash flow, debts and your family situation. We will also schedule the Plan Presentation meeting in 2 weeks.

Plan Presentation Meeting

During the Plan Presentation meeting, we will present the initial financial plan for your consideration and adjustment. Once the plan is finalized, we begin implementation of the investment strategies required to help you meet your financial goals and objectives. At this time, you will sign all appropriate account applications and agreements.

Begin Regular Meeting Schedule

Once we are one our way to plan implementation, monitoring and adjustment we will begin a regular schedule of meetings to keep you up to date and to make sure our next steps are focused on what’s important to you.  Between these meetings, we will check in by phone now and then to say hello.  Of course, if something comes up that you need our help with we want to hear from you right away.

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