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Our Values

Our Values As Your Financial Advisor

Our relationship with you will only be successful if it is based on trust.  That trust will be built on our commitment to you and the quality of our character in providing services to you.  The Integra Capital team has identified the core values we believe help define our relationship with you and give us the best chance for success.  

They are:

Passion for Excellence

  • Commitment to clients and our employees
  • Persistence in helping clients achieve their goals
  • Client delight (service, innovation, delivery)


  • Courage to be honest with clients and ourselves in the advice we provide and decision making


  • For our clients, the organization and in our community


  • Listen to and understand our clients, as well as each other

Our promise to you is a high level of responsiveness and a dedication to delivering an experience we believe you will be delighted with for a very long time. If you ever feel differently we want to hear from you so we can take corrective action.

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